• New Guide to Kudzu Bug in Soybean!!

    Kudzu bug on home
    Soybean growers in the south have had to find effective ways to control kudzu bug. Fortunately, the United Soybean Board has worked with researchers at Clemson University, North Carolina State University, and University of Georgia to release a new guide for growers dealing with this pest.

    The guide includes information on how to identify the different life stages of the pest, where it can be found, how it lives, and current management practices for trying to manage this new invader. You can find a link to it here or on our page for growers.
  • Kudzu Bug on the Move and Becoming Nuisance!!

    Kudzu bug on home
    Cooler temperatures signal emergence of kudzu bug adults from their preferred plant hosts in search of sites to spend the winter months. Unfortunately, this is often inside of houses! North Carolina homeowners are reporting high numbers on homes this week. Their more southern neighbors might expect the same within a matter of days or weeks as temperatures cool and host plants senesce.

    Dan Suiter and Wayne Gardner have just released a new alert for homeowners dealing with these invasions.
  • Southeast Early Detection Network

    You can help us to detect new infestations and provide the information we need to manage these pests! The Southeast Early Detection Network (SEEDN) app lets you submit invasive species observations directly with your iPhone and Android! The species list for the app includes Kudzu bug and many other invasives that are currently being monitored in the Southeast United States. Download the app and help us track down these unwanted invaders!
  • Meet the Enemy

    As this pest spreads, many new people are being introduced to it. Explore the site to find out more information on how to deal with this fearsome foe.
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